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gifs of progress! click here to try it yourself

I still have no idea what this game is going to be.

UPDATE: to honor the 18th of april (IE the day you are all seeing this on ur radars) I am going to give this game a working title of 184. Thanks for all the notes and follows :)))

Prince of Tennis Schools + U-17 || Backstage • TENIPURI FESTA 2013

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Just to get this straight, in this double page spread there are:

  • Fat women
  • Of different races
  • Who are unedited (note the stomach and the rolls)
  • And are being praised for being the weight they are (and eating what they want)
  • While they are all being quotes talking about being healthy at any weight

I mean, this still isn’t perfect, but this is pretty damned impressive for a mainstream tabloid. 

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idk why wearing someone else’s shirt or sweater or jacket is so satisfying and comforting but it is

but not as satisfying as seeing someone else wearing your jacket or sweatshirt. like. wow. they’re wearing my sweatshirt. and it’s cute as fuck. 

the bond between the person wearing someone else’s clothes and the person whose clothes they are wearing is strong

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“i’m so depressed,” posted the caucasian heterosexual cisgender teenage girl on her blog

last time i checked depression can affect everyone and you’re fucking trash for invalidating the struggles depressed people go through

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remember when the avengers was new?

remember how exciting it was to finally have some of our favorite superheros interacting in one movie?

remember getting chills during this scene?


remember feeling like a superhero when the screen went black and the credit music came on?

Please never forget how special The Avengers is. 

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“Nothing can wear you out like caring about people.”

—S.E. Hinton, That Was Then, This Is Now  (via jesape)

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